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Self-Help Hosting

Hosting services made easy!  For those who want to setup and manage their own hosted service, simply click here for our EzDog Hosting services!

Order your website and server now and get it now!  Virtually no waiting - your service is normally active in as little as 10 minutes* after payment is received.  Perfect for those who know what they want and need it FAST!

EzDog Webhosting

Domain Names

Domain Name
Virtual Server

Dedicated Server

ows or Linux!
MS SQL or MySQL Databases
24x7 Live Support

*Time may vary depending on services ordered.


Contact Us by Phone

Dallas / Fort Worth: 214-393-6420
Toll Free: 866-557-9459

News Flash

What is the advantage of a Hosted PBX?  We recently visited a company with a private, in-house phone system.  Unfortunately, at the time their Internet and voice service from the local carrier was down - therefore they had no means of receiving calls from their customers.  Interestingly, their website is hosted in a remote data center;  why?  Because it provided redundancy and they considered their website as "mission critical."  However, their website simply drove customers and prospects to call them - but their phone service was out.  So what is "mission critical?"  With our hosted phone service, we offer "5-nines" reliability (99.99999% uptime) with redundant voice and data paths - greatly reducing the potential of having your phone system down.  With this service, if your local data is out, you can easily reroute calls via your cell phone with a single call to your Acxential helpdesk and your customers will never know you are "down."  What is the value of that reliability?  Never be down AND out!  Call us at 214-393-6420 to find out how you can beneift from this low-cost, high reliability solution!