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Business Phone Systems

Enterprise Communications Systems

The Enterprise Communications Server (or ECS), built by Iwatsu Voice Networks is the switching core of our Business Telephone Solution.  This flexible switching platform is a converged IP system supporting SIP, local or hosted VoIP, TDM and Unified Communications configurations. Building on over 70 years of telecom experience, the ECS has an industry leading MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), perpetual system architecture and operates with a 99.999% up-time.


Enterprise IP Voice Systems

Enterprise IP Solutions is a suite of telephone system connectivity and productivity applications that help your organization achieve and measure the effectiveness of its team and meet its communication objectives:

  • Delivers multiple connectivity solutions including VoIP Connectivity, Call Control and Routing via Automated Speech-Recognition, VoIP Attendants, Hosting Solutions and much more.
  • Integrates your telephone system and computer network to achieve contact management, calendar-based call control and CRM integration via TAPI or CTI applications.
  • Enables user level and/or centralized call control and presence management tools like Virtual DSS and Call Director.
  • Provides measurement tools such as realtime call activity reporting, call analysis, and intelligent "least-cost" call routing.

Small Business Phone Systems

Allworx Family of Phones

The Allworx line of phone systems provide all the features a small business needs in a phone system, voicemail and auto attendant that features, PC-based Auto Attenant, Presence Management, Call Queues, live call screening, one-touch call record and voicemail to email. Best of all, it is Easy to Use. All phones include Speakerphone, programmable function keys, 3-Way Conferencing and Caller ID.  Get all the features at a great low price!


Unified Messaging Client

Everyone out there says they can accomplish Unified Communications, but what does that really mean? Acxential defines Unified Communications as the ability to Receive, Retrieve and Respond to any message in any medium, seamlessly blending the four core components of business communications: live communications, messaging, contact management and call control. The application of Unified Communications will improve the overall response time of your Company by promoting efficiency throughout your Organization.  If Unified Communications can help your organization achieve its goals, would you accept anything less?


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News Flash

I recently had a prospective client ask, "Why should I pay one of your techs to call tech support for another vendor's product?"  Fair question, I thought.  And here was my answer.  The majority of issues are related to operating system configuration or interaction of disparate applications on a PC.  Our technicians are trained to handle the majority of these issues without ever needing to call a vendor's tech support line.  When you, as a user, call a vendor support line, the first thing they do is walk you through these troubleshooting steps.  Our technicians can normally complete these troubleshooting steps faster than you (remember, they do this for a living!), and can quickly bypass this step with a vendor support desk getting to the meat of an issue and a resolution.  Overall, our technicians can complete these steps in 50 - 70% less time than it would take you to do the same with a vendor support technician.  So is it a better use of your time to work with a vendor support technician? or for us resolve an issue faster allowing you to focus on running your business?  Only YOU can answer that question!  Call on us to help at 214-393-6420.  - Geoffrey Hayden, Partner.